Monday, March 2, 2009



Streetwalkers has undergone a transformation. Ownership has changed. The blog you used to check religiously every morning before heading to studio has re-entered the blogosphere.

We walk amongst you.
We stand behind you as you debate whether or not you should get those Pillsbury warm pleasures by the cash register at the Met. And when you meticulously inspect your person in that mirror at Carr Haus, we stand on the other side looking back. We're in line behind you at the Jolly Roger. We are RISD streetwalkers. The pulse of RISD penetrates through our fashionable bodies. The contributors remain anonymous so go buck wild.

We know who you are and we love you!!!

You have been waiting for this and now we will be satisfying the anticipation you felt while waiting for this page to load on your desktop, only to be met with the disappointment you felt when you saw the most recent post was still from October and still a picture of Rose LaGrua wearing an outfit she doesn't even own anymore.

Alright guys, the weight of decades of fashion history has been placed upon your shoulders.

This is how it works:
send us photos (cell phone, Nikon 8F60 or whathaveyou) of your outfit findings to:

This blog is an orgy of everything you can possibly put on your body and call clothes. Everyone is invited onto our bigger than a california king size mattress of fashion.

Many thanks to Tessa and Tiffany for starting such a great blog. Now it's our turn