Monday, February 22, 2010

Just as the sun rises with each new dawn, the second semester shines forth with impeccable taste

what a gorgeous person

this girl is so fancy I had to pay her for her picture

"the donuts in the cafeteria are frozen!!!!"

shoes and arm sleeve combo

rugged shorts

if you want to look tough you should carry a box (even if it is empty)

dear graphic design honor student, you are worth every caption anyone could ever want under their photograph and more.

 "sorry, not interested" but I caught your soul on camera anyway. BOOYAH.

the famous obscure caribbean salsa band that everyone cool who you want to be like is listening to on their ipods

these boots are made out of ponies

this is the " I don't have a facebook" look

this is your new boyfriend. I mean, my new boyfriend

this is his friend who wears sweaters

these girls look more RISD than RISD and they don't even go to RISD!!!

Painterly catch Cynthia Meyers and her masterpieces plus loyal fan

to see what genius the colors on this palate have produced, visit

peep the hebrew Obama sticker!!!