Friday, March 5, 2010

a spicy recipe of fun: fancy and bro, let boil and add a hint of lime for pizzazz

exhibit A                     CLICK TO ENLARGE                    exhibit B

David Yoo is one of RISD's finest talents. He designs men's clothing that makes everyone look like a perfect Ken doll. For the past 13 months, he has declined all requests to get his photograph taken for RISDstreetwalkers, declaring that we caught him on a bad day; even though he wears the same outfit every day. the photo to your left demonstrates the way David Yoo looks every day, even when he is going grocery shopping at the supermarket! the photo to your right is as rare as a solar ecplipse. Never again will you see THIS boy in THAT outfit. In his defense, he is still adhering to his philosophy of black as you can see with the track pants. 

his art


Anonymous said...

love me some david yoo