Wednesday, February 23, 2011

School is back in session. What will YOU be adding to your resumé this semester?

cemetery chic

shielding himself from the light

complex cute asian hairdo part 1

complex cute asian hairdo part 2

gliding across the street.

another courageous soul sports toeless heals in the dead of winter.

the color palette of his sweater matches the colors in his face.

intimidating azns

Second semester has started. For some it will be your last. What kind of work will you make?  What kind of people will you make out with? Will you get any good packages delivered to your mailbox?  How many people's sofas will you do nothing on? Will you fall asleep on your homework at 5AM and ruin it will your saliva stains? The possibilities are endless. It is so exciting! 


John Maeda said...
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RISD streetwalkers said...

The unintelligent comment posted by the person pretending to be John Maeda was removed.

keep your lack of wit to yourself please.


anne m bray said...

"the dog ate my penny loafers"