Sunday, May 1, 2011

ATTENTION & URGENT: please read the information below

RISDstreetwalkers is graduating and currently looking to pass the torch to a replacement paparazzi. if you can come up with a good caption for the picture above, you will be contacted for an interview. if your are interested, please submit your caption to the comments section of this post.

visiting the architecture kids' studios

front view

back view

note the beverage choice. staying hydrated for her 4 minute bike ride to arnold street. peep the bad typography behind her left shoulder. 

dedication and devotion: he brought his Artbin to the furniture opening at Woods Gerry.


Ben said...

Keyword: FREE

Lauren said...

marty d said...

*~*~*fighting over free things*!~**~

Meridith said...

i have know idea if you've passed the torch yet. but my lame attempt(s):
1. Alright, now you go grab the van and we'll load up these 'free gifts' and hand them out to the little kids in the neighborhood
2. Now in order to be a part of our group, you must drink this
3. Unfortunately, the free gift is not a comb
4. You don't have to steal it, the sign says free.

Suerynn Lee said...
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